interactive visualizations

How rigid is the middle class in the US, really?

The Pudding

The Myth of the Impartial Machine

Parametric Press Issue 01

Information is Beautiful Awards 2019 Longlist

What Does the US Income Distribution Look Like if 1 pixel = $1?

Information is Beautiful Awards 2018 Longlist

Surprise Marriages

Red and Blue America: The Political Divide at the State Level

How have States Voted in U.S. Presidential Elections?

static visualizations

Changing Temperatures

Piano Notes

Superstar Countries

When You Wish Upon a Star: A Visualization of Songs in Disney Animated Films

Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 Longlist

Access to Higher Education is Not Equal

WikiProgress Visualizing Well-Being Contest Winner

CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio

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I am an experienced data analyst with a background in statistics and economics. I have worked in both the public and private sectors, analyzing data to answer public policy questions and drive business decisions. I am familiar with using public datasets as well as user-generated clickstream data.

In my spare time, I love diving into data visualization and exploring how to communicate data insights in more visually appealing and impactful ways. My work has won awards and been presented at conferences.

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